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3 Common Types of Rear Bumpers

rear bumpers

Bumpers are a pretty basic part that most people know what they’re used for. Although every vehicle is equipped with front and rear bumpers and they serve mostly for protection, there is a wide variety of bumpers out there that can enhance your car or truck specifications depending on your needs. While custom front bumpers can be installed to provide more protection from collisions, rear bumpers have the added advantage of allowing your vehicle to tow equipment if needed.


Not all kinds of rear bumpers can do the same kind of work or come equipped with the same hitches. Here are three common types of rear bumpers, along with their pros and cons.

Common Types of Rear Bumpers

Standard Bumpers

Standard or factory bumpers are the more basic design out there and they simply stretch from the left end to the right end of the vehicle. They are commonly referred as OEM parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Normally they are made of a small amount of steel or aluminum underneath a cover that is generally made of plastic.


  • Don’t rust just from being outside
  • Lightweight
  • Don’t add noticeable weight to the vehicle
  • They come already installed and are easier to replace


  • Not as durable as other bumpers
  • Accessories are often very difficult to install

Deep Drop Bumpers

Deep drop bumpers are meant for heavy duty work, and have a great towing capacity so they can be fitted on larger trucks for towing purposes. Also known as cowboy bumpers, they stand taller than standard bumpers and are mostly made of steel.


  • Has pre-drilled holes to add more accessories such as off-road lighting, hooks, etc.
  • There are a lots of styles to choose from and can be customized
  • Material  is durable, so dents, scratches and dings are no cause for concern
  • Built to last, even if its rusted or old


  • Heaviest kind, which adds a lot of weight to the vehicle and changes the way it drives
  • May require professional help to install
  • Difficult to repair

Step Bumpers

Step bumper are typically found on trucks, vans and SUV. Hitch balls can be attached and they can be used for towing but in lower capacities than other types of bumpers.


  • Make it easier to access tools and equipment
  • Extra layer of protection
  • Can be found in various finishes and styles


  • May come with a big price tag


At GR Trailers we offer multiple front and rear bumper models for many commercial vehicle brands. Check our rear bumpers catalog or call 405-567-0567 to find your nearest dealer.