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3 reasons your horse trailer needs wood flooring

horse trailer

A horse trailer is a must for any owner that prides himself about owning such a beautiful animal since it isn’t only an essential tool when transportation for the horse is necessary, but also it’s a reflection of the interest and care that the owner gives to their horse.

A proud owner would make their horse trailer the most comfortable and practical possible for the horse and for himself, looking for a combination of convenience on the long run and coziness for the horse. An excellent way to achieve this is to get a horse trailer with wood flooring or installing it if you already have one. Today on GR Trailers we take a look at 3 advantages of having wood flooring on your trailer, both for the owner and the horse.

3 advantages of using wood flooring on a horse trailer

Wood floors are more comfy for the horse

Wood floors are somewhat flexible, which provide the horse with a softer ride.  Wood flooring can be a relief for horses, allowing them to relax and to have a better and more comfortable ride every time.

They don’t rust

Since wood floors don’t oxidize they don’t rust, which is enough reason to say that they will last longer than their aluminum counterpart, for example.  Also, aluminum floors are more prone to oxidize because, aside from external factors like rain or a humid environment, the levels of acidity in the horse’s urine and excrement will accelerate the process of rusting, which doesn’t happen on wood floors.

They need less maintenance

A correct installation of wood floors on the horse trailer can extend its durability, and it’s a pretty standard procedure to do. Leaving 1/4″ gaps of space on the flooring will provide a better ventilation, a faster drain process and help avoid moisture (which is the primary problem for any type of flooring). This will save a lot of time and money over the lifetime of the trailer.


Wood flooring is the favorite of many horse trailer owners for its practicality. Still, depending on your particular needs you don’t have to rule out other flooring options, which  may have other benefits that can be of your interest.

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