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3 tips on how to reduce stress in your horse and improve their health

reduce stress in your horse

Horses are wild creatures by nature; by changing their environments by domesticating them, whatever the purpose they may serve, we are introducing many factors that can be a cause of stress and poor health. In order to maintain a horse’s health in appropriate levels and allowing them to enjoy themselves as much as we enjoy their company there are certain things we as caretakers should perform. Today we’re sharing three simple ways in which you can reduce stress in your horse and make them happier and healthier.

3 tips to reduce stress in your horse and  improve their health and happiness

Give them choices when you can

Horses, like any other domestic animal, often need to reaffirm themselves but this only can happen with our help since their life is not controlled by them anymore. Instead of always doing everything for them make some changes and try add variety to their environment. Introducing multiple food and water sources and allowing them to choose is an effortless example.

Sticking to a routine is fine, but avoid monotony

Although having a routine for the sake of consistency can help tremendously to reduce stress in your horse, happy animals need to have some kind of thrill once in a while. Little variations in your horse’s routine can make a great impact, especially when they involve spending quality time with them. Try introducing new activities as much as your situation allows and see how your horse responds and what he enjoys the most so you can incorporate these new things to their routine.

Always keep in mind that horses are temperamental

There are not two horses that are the same, each one has their own personality and what they like and don’t like, just as a regular person does. One of the main keys to reduce stress in your horse keep him happy, comfortable and in good health is to take their temper and personality into account and treat him as an individual. If you are in contact with multiple horses on a regular basis, trying to establish the same behaviors with all of them could quickly become a nightmare for both owner and animal.

Horses are special and demanding creatures. Nurturing an environment where they can feel appreciated and retain some degree of their individuality and freedom will do wonders for their stress levels and health. Horses are friends for life, so treat them as one!

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