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5 Mistakes that Will Damage Utility Trailers

utility trailers

You’ve made your research and are ready to purchase a new trailer. Since you will be spending a significant amount of money, it’s in your best interest to learn how to take proper care of it and protect your investment by prolonging its life. In order to do so, today we will talk about five common mistakes that will damage utility trailers so you can avoid making them!

Reckless Driving

Being careless behind the wheel can lead to more serious consequences than just damaging your vehicles and utility trailers. Going at high speeds with a heavy load attached to your car or truck is never a good idea. Never jeopardize your own safety and others’ by not exercising caution and common sense.


Overlooking utility trailers’ weight capacity is a huge no. You should also consider at all times the towing limits of your truck. By exceeding these limits you could seriously damage your tires, suspension, brakes and transmission, and put your investment at risk.

Uneven loading

Just as you should not overload your trailer, it’s also important to take a look at the way cargo is supposed to be loaded. The majority of the weight should always be at the front of the axle for security reasons when handling utility trailers.

Unattended rust spots and bearings

Besides being a significant cosmetic issue, rusting could bring other problems in the long term. Although it’s impossible to completely prevent rusting, you can slow it down by periodically cleaning utility trailers and other equipment. Keeping bearings in good condition and well lubricated is also a must.

Unchecked tire pressure

We’ve talked about tire maintenance in the past and even published a quick guide with some useful tips. If you want to avoid breaking down on the highway or during your way to work (or even worse, on your way home!), ensure your tires are in optimal condition.

By actively avoiding these common mistakes and taking proper care of your utility trailers you will be keeping yourself (and others) out of trouble on the road. Be sure to contact us any time at GR Trailers if you ever have any questions or require assistance. Our professional staff will be ready to help!