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7 Basic tips for towing a trailer

towing a trailer

Whether it’s for a vacation, moving or because it’s your daily job, if you need to use a trailer there are certain practical things that you need to complete before starting to drive and that go beyond driving skills. Experienced drivers know these tips are the key to towing a trailer safely and efficiently.

7 Basic Tips for Towing a Trailer

  • Check towing vehicle specifications: Before towing any kind of trailer, make sure your car, truck or SUV is properly equipped to do the job in terms of towing capacity and other features.
  • Make sure your insurance is in order: Just as your main vehicle should have insurance, it’s a smart choice to have your trailer insured as well, especially if you’re planning on using it on a regular basis. Trailer insurance isn’t legally required in all states, but it’s worth checking in order to avoid a headache.
  • Go over a maintenance check list: This should be done for both your main vehicle and the trailer itself. If you’re planning on driving a significant distance, both should be in optimal conditions. Make sure to check your tires and brakes, and even if you don’t use your trailer often, keep the lights, brakes, tires and hitch in good condition.
  • Ensure your trailer is properly loaded: Overloading or unevenly loading your trailer are some of the most common mistakes that could damage your trailer. Pay attention to cargo limits and ensure that the load is properly distributed to avoid accidents and have a smoother ride.
  • Increase brake distance: Even if you’re an experienced driver, remember that you’re adding significant weight to your “normal” driving conditions. Do an extra effort to stay focused on the road and double the distance you leave between the vehicles in front of you.
  • Pay attention to speed and wind: You should be a bit more conservative in terms of driving speed when towing a trailer, especially when the conditions are risky, such as when there’s rain, fog or even snow. Strong winds can become a major problem, and more so if your cargo is not properly loaded. If you’re driving in these conditions, consider stopping for a while if you’re able to.
  • Practice (and patience) makes perfect: Driving with a trailer attached has its challenges, even for skilled drivers. As with learning to drive a regular vehicle,  in the end it all comes to practice and patience.


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