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Aluminum vs. Steel Trailers: The Debate

If you’re in the market for a new trailer you might’ve asked yourself the following question: which one is better, an aluminum trailer or a steel trailer? These materials can have a direct impact on reliability, durability and security and it’s important to educate yourself on the many options so you’ll pick the best one for you.

Aluminum vs. Steel trailers: which one is for me?

Nowadays it’s not unusual for customers to be curious about the products they intend to purchase. With so many information available on the internet and other sources, people are more prone to spend a considerable amount of time researching, specially when it comes to big purchases that will represent a considerable investment.


Both steel and aluminum are the most used materials to make trailers. But to actually find the “best” option you need to take a closer look on a series of factors. In general, steel trailers are cheaper and stronger than aluminum units, but they’re also a lot heavier and can become victims of oxidation. You’ll have to remember this information and take into account the situations in which you’ll use your equipment, whether they’re horse trailers, livestock trailers or utility trailers with special cargo.

Aluminum vs. Steel trailers: other factors to consider

Weight is the main criterion by which most customers decide for a trailer material. Heavier equipment can be more dangerous to tow and it can also limit and negatively impact the amount of cargo you can transport on a single trip using the same amount of fuel and time.


Although there are aluminum variants that can be as strong (or in some cases, even stronger) than steel, not all trailers utilize these types of materials. Steel is still less prone to bend due to cargo, and the welding might be superior to that of aluminum trailers. If you plan on using your trailer on rough and uneven terrain, steel could be a better investment in the long term.


Talking about corrosion, aluminum is far superior when it comes to longevity and resistance to it. It’s true that there are options made of stainless steel which in turn are less prone to oxidation, but they will be heavier and could potentially be more expensive than aluminum trailers. If you plan on using your trailer on roads covered by snow or during rain conditions, aluminum sounds like a no brainer.


Steel units will generally be cheaper than aluminum trailers, but to make an intelligent purchase, make sure to factor in future investments. Painting, anti corrosion and general maintenance costs will arise depending on your particular usage scenario. When it comes to the old question of aluminum vs. steel trailers, there is no right answer for everyone. Talk to your trusted dealer about how do you intend to use your purchase and weigh your options!


Still unsure about what type of trailer is the right choice for your needs? Let our experts come in to your rescue! We’ll be happy to assist you finding the perfect solution for your needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!