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Animal Health and the Future

animal health

One of the main pillars of animal production is animal health. And far more than being just a matter of humanity, it should be made a priority because of the repercussions it has on the economy, our food supply and even our own health. Learn more about animal health below.

The impact of animal health

Striving for better animal health does not only create safer and more efficient food supplies, but also impacts farm productivity, reduces environmental damage (and antibiotic usage) and ensures that the animals’ well-being is improved, which, after all, should also be a priority for those in farming industries. If we don’t take care and treat our animals with respect and dignity, what else can we expect?

Are animal health care products the only way?

The use of vaccines and antibiotics plays an important role in disease prevention and treatment. Certainly, there are many scientific and technological advances that are available today and which will continue to improve, as more and more data is gathered. We can only expect more and better options for animal health care in the future, and that is definitely something to be grateful for.

Nevertheless, a better approach would be to strive for optimal practices when it comes to general animal care and production, in order to prevent disease instead of just focusing on treating it once it’s here. Appropriate legislation, early detection and rapid response mechanisms are also required.

Looking to the future

Humanity depends on agriculture and husbandry for its food supply. A sizeable amount of losses during production can be linked to poor animal health, which represent millions of dollars that need to go into the problem.

As you probably are aware, world population is exponentially increasing every year, which in turn creates a higher demand of animal protein and supplies. More demand means increasing animal production, which will also create bigger and newer issues when it comes to animal health. The question is, are we doing everything in our power to be prepared for the challenges of the future?

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