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Five Mobile Apps for Ranchers

apps for ranchers

Smartphone apps have revolutionized the way we do many things on a daily basis; some of them are for entertainment and pleasure, and others have helped millions of people be more productive or do their jobs more efficiently. Here’s a list of a few apps for ranchers that you will probably find useful.

5 Smartphone Apps for Ranchers

As the common saying goes… “there’s an app for everything”, and ranchers are no exception. These following apps could prove useful for ranch and cattle management. Check them out!

Step-Up by Zinpro

The Step-up app developed by Zinpro provides educational resources to help ranchers identify and treat lameness in beef cattle. Additional training materials include videos to diagnose the causes of lameness as well as nutrition guides.

Cattle Calculator

This app was developed by the Mississippi State University, and provides information to better make decisions related to livestock management. The modules included are reproductive, performance and management.

Cow Manager

In addition of being a powerful desktop app, Cow Manager also offers a mobile app that’s designed to help you cattle welfare 24/7. It contains three modules: fertility, health and nutrition. By reading data from a sensor, this app will provide you with valuable information about your herd, saving you time and labor.

Cattle Market Mobile

With Cattle Market Mobile you will have up to date market reports in the palm of your hand. Staying informed about the current cattle prices is important in order to plan and execute decisions when going to market. Information from the app includes USDA Auction and Commodity reports.

Bonus: The Weather Channel App

Being informed about the weather can be very important for running a smooth operation on your ranch. There are many apps that offer a multitude of features ranging from more detailed information to gorgeous designs. The Weather Channel  app is one of the most popular sources and should be a staple on your mobile device.

These are only a few of the powerful apps for ranchers and tools that you have at your disposal. Technology evolves at a rapid pace, so it’s in your best interest to learn about new offerings and testing anything that might make your job easier and more productive. Give them a try!

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