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The Benefits of Equine Therapy

equine therapy

Equine therapy has been used as a way to help those who have special needs or who, for whatever reason, are having trouble communicating and opening themselves. More and more health professionals use trained horses to assist their patients and believe in the benefits of equine therapy.

Which technique is right for your needs?

The increased interest in the therapeutic value of horses and its benefits doesn’t seem to be stopping. There are different types of equine therapy used to treat a variety of conditions. Depending on the person and the goal you want to achieve you can select an equine assisted activity, such as:

  • Hippotherapy: takes advantage of the horse’s therapeutic principles to treat people with disabilities through equine body heat, rhythmic impulses and three-dimensional movement. These sessions are conducted by a physiotherapist.
  • Equine-assisted learning: the simple act of touching a horse can make us feel good. Thanks to this, patients can solve their learning and adaptation problems, increasing their attention, motivation and focus. In addition, tactile, visual, auditory and olfactory sensitivity will be stimulated, thus helping to increase their capacity for independence.
  • Adaptive horseback riding: aimed at people who have a disability but who want to practice horse riding as a recreational or sporting option while promoting the development of cognitive and social skills at the same time.

What else can I get from Equine Therapy?

Horses are wonderful creatures, capable of positively impacting our lives in many ways. As non-judgmental creatures, they have no preconceived expectations or motives, and are highly effective at mirroring our attitudes and behaviors. The benefits of equine therapy are many and varied and encompass psychological, language and psychomotor levels. Notable improvements can be achieved in self-confidence, memory, self-esteem and emotion control, oral communication, balance, coordination, reflexes and muscle strength, to mention a few.

Keep in mind that equine therapy doesn’t call for a total replacement of more traditional treatments but it’s rather a complementary technique that can help speed the process of overcoming illness and disability. If you want to learn more, Riding Home’s index of Equine Resources is a good place to start.


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