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What’s Better, Buying a New or Used Trailer?

buying a new or used trailer

It’s natural to want to save money and get a bargain when buying a trailer. One of the most common questions that people in the market for this kind of equipment ask themselves is, should I buy a used trailer or go with a new one? Although it’s hard to generalize, here are a few things to keep in mind when trying to decide between buying a new or used trailer.


Buying a new or used trailer, what’s better?


Going the ‘used’ route


The most obvious reason to purchase a used trailer is to to try to save money. You should thoroughly check the general appearance of the unit, including the conditions of the axles, wiring suspension, brakes, tires and floor. You will also need to check that the model has the proper documentation and registration.



  • Might be cheaper than buying a brand new unit
  • Original owner takes the depreciation hit
  • Could be a more convenient option for casual use



  • Might not be covered by warranty
  • High maintenance costs if not serviced properly
  • Overall reliability will be lower than that of a new model


Going the ‘new’ route


Purchasing new equipment might represent a big initial expense that not everyone can justify, but if you plan on putting your trailer to serious use and want to experience that “brand new” feeling along with proper customer service, high quality and reliability, a new trailer could be a great option for your needs.



  • Financing options
  • Warranty
  • Better condition and aesthetics, personalization optio



  • Potentially higher prices
  • Diminished resale value


Most of the time, purchasing a trailer means making an investment you will own for years or even decades to come. Every situation is different and you need to evaluate the pros and cons of your decision as well as your unique situation at the time of purchase in order to find the best deal for you. Whether you’ve decided to buy used or go with a brand new model, make sure to do your research and ask these 3 things to check with a trusted trailer dealer before buying a new or used trailer, and if you have further questions, contact GR Trailers today so our staff can assist in your purchase!