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Choosing the Perfect Trailer Hitch For Your Needs

trailer hitch

Whether for professional reasons or if you’re doing something fun or taking a little vacation, you may find yourself in need of additional space for your vehicle. When this occurs you might need to purchase additional equipment such as a utility trailer or something more specialized like a livestock trailer, and to be ready to go you will also need to buy a trailer hitch. For your safety and others’, choosing the right trailer hitch it’s very important, and we’re here to tell you a bit more about how to pick one.

What you need to take into account when buying a trailer hitch

First of all you need to know what kind of vehicle will operate the trailer, this includes the maker and model, model year as well as its towing capacity. Once you have those details, now it’s time to check your trailer details; picking a trailer hitch depends on the trailer type and weight.

There’s another interesting variable here: tongue weight. In very basic terms, this refers to the amount of force the tongue of your trailer will apply to your hitch. The ideal conditions both for safety and comfortability when towing a trailer is to have both the tongue and hitch at tow level, which create a horizontal line instead of a V (which signals too much weight is being exerted) or an inverted V (which signals that not enough weight is being applied). Both of these conditions can be potentially dangerous and are not recommended.

In the case that one of the hitches or tongues is higher than the other, an add-on, known as a “Rise” or a “Drop” will be needed to compensate for any height differences.

Trailer hitch classification

Trailer hitches are commonly categorized in 5 different weight classes, depending on the trailer and vehicle types. The following image can help you get an idea of which hitches fit which towing vehicles:

trailer hitch classes
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Ultimately, when choosing the correct trailer hitch for your needs you will probably have to consider additional details, such as the kind of use, frequency of use and, why not, aesthetic considerations as well. In some cases and depending on the trailer you need, your trailer hitch type will already be dictated.

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