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What to consider when switching to hydroponics


Throughout history, soil has been the main way we have to grow plants and crops, and  over time we have seen experts in the field greatly improve these processes in order to provide better results by working with nutrient additives, pH balancing and many other techniques that not only have helped improve production but also the quality of the crops we’re growing.  As an alternative to more “traditional methods”, hydroponics, a technique that consists of growing plants in a water solvent instead of soil,  has increased in viability and its adoption, not only with those who have a home garden or a small operation but also with producers that manage tons of crops.

If you are considering implementing hydroponics as a technique for growing crops, here’s a snapshot that will help you start your investigation:

Pros and cons of Hydroponics


  • High quality production
  • Weeding and other soil preparations are reduced
  • High yields on small areas
  • More efficient water usage


  • Might require more intensive management and labor
  • Investment capital might be higher compared to soil production
  • Specially formulated nutrients must always be used
  • Finding a market can be difficult


A higher yield on smaller spaces and the great quality of the plants that come from hydroponics are often the most sought advantages from those who are considering a switch from soil production to an hydroponic one.

For farmers and commercial growers,  the main things to take into account before getting on to this kind of systems are:

  • A reliable source of quality water
  • A defined market for the production
  • Expertise in crop production, fertilization, irrigation and pests and disease management
  • A good location for infrastructure
  • Financing, since mounting an hydroponic systems can be costly

In the end, choosing between continuing production on soil or switching to hydroponics systems should be an exercise of weighing the pros and cons of each one to make a decision that works the best in your particular case.

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