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The importance of diversity in livestock raising

diversity in livestock

Livestock raising is a great business, and if done correctly can be a really good source of revenue without producing unnecessary harm the environment. Diversity in livestock raising is a practice that can turn this activity into a more sustainable and productive endeavor.

Diversity isn’t a common practice for most farmers when talking about livestock raising, where generally there is a selected number of animal breed kinds with a space of their own. But taking steps in that direction can have a positive effect beyond beef production, even enhancing grasslands resulting in a better grass production.

Cattle and sheep, a way to achieve diversity in livestock raising

One way to become more diverse when raising livestock is putting sheep and cattle in the same grasslands. This can be done thanks to the biological needs of sheep that fit very well with the ones cattle have; this according to research from The Dickinson Research Extension Center from North Dakota State University. According to their studies, an ewe can be added for every cow without disturbing the operation and impacting the cattle in a positive way. The idea behind all of this is that having two types of grazers on the same land can mean additional revenue per acre, since sheep can take care of grazing areas that cattle won’t touch.


Diversity seems to be a win-win scenario for all parties involved. Having said this, there are many challenges that come with implementing this idea and having two types of animals blended together in your operation will require more work. But even if it’s difficult in the beginning, the result from having an approach of diversity in livestock raising can be well worth the extra effort, not only for your pockets but also for the environment.

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