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How to drive like an expert with a horse trailer attached

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As you’ve probably seen in previous posts, it’s true that driving with a trailer attached can be a challenge, especially for first timers. When it comes to transporting animals, the challenge is even bigger since you’re not transporting just some boxes, but breathing, living cargo that needs to be safe and comfortable during the ride. In order to have a smooth drive when dealing with a horse trailer here are three tips that can make a big difference.

3 tips to expertly drive and care for a horse trailer

Practice with the trailer unloaded. Your horse will thank you for it!

Getting a feel of what starting, stopping, backing, making turns and all around driving is like with an empty trailer is a really good way to practice and get a wider sense of what to do and not to do when you’re on the move transporting horses. Some drivers even go as far as to get someone else behind the steering wheel so they can hop on the back of the trailer and experience first hand how the road could affect the horses.

Always procure good horse balance

Driving carefully should be the main priority when handling a horse trailer (or any other type of trailer designed to transport animals, for that matter). Strive to drive in a way that allows the horses to keep a good balance as to prevent them from injuring themselves by getting thrown around the inside of the trailer. Giving the horse time to prepare for stops, being careful over bumps and avoiding accelerating too fast are the main rules to guarantee a quiet ride for your companions.

Stop immediately at the sight of strange shakes or sounds

This might sound like a no-brainer, but still it’s something that we can often forget. You should constantly check through your mirror to make sure everything is under control. Keep your music to an adequate level so you can be alerted of any weird sounds and pay attention to any sudden movements or shakes that could affect the horse trailer.


Driving horses around may seem like a difficult task at first, but the truth is that you only have to be careful and pay attention to the small details in order to avoid complications. For more tips on how to reduce stress when transporting horses, you can check these tips.


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