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Drones for agriculture

drones for agriculture

The use of technology applied in the field of agriculture shows great promise and raises a future where, through more data and information available, it will possible to maximize efforts and achieve better results. One of these areas refers to the use of drones for agriculture, where there are advances that are now being applied by farmers in different countries, where the results show a reduction in costs and greater precision in their work. And this is just the beginning.

Drones for agriculture: the benefits

Among the many benefits of using drones for agriculture is the possibility of seeing large amounts of land instantly, which allows finding areas where problems can be found in crops, such as pests and parasites. This, in turn, allows farmers to take action faster and prevent the entire harvest from being compromised.

Until recently, the task of real-time crop control constituted a difficult task, one that required constant work and nevertheless didn’t guarantee the detection of problems well in advance.

In addition to helping determine plant health, another point where drones for agriculture can work in your favor is in monitoring irrigation systems and support the application of pesticides, scan soil to stay on top of possible season issues and, yes, even as tool to keep birds and other animals away from crops.

Bottomline: less margin for error and greater money savings

Leaning on tools such as drones, in addition to the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence software, can bring tangible benefits that were previously not imaginable. Having the opportunity to see complete areas without having to physically visiting and knowing precisely the state of each section that makes up your plantation could allow farmers to make smarter decisions, which translates into greater profits for farmers and a lighter workload. In an industry where work can be so demanding, these benefits certainly have the potential to completely change things.

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