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Facial Recognition in your Farm, An Impressive Asset

facial recognition

Facial recognition is a feature that goes back a long way and has been for a long time in the imagination of movie writers, novelists and of course scientists that were trying to make it a reality through the course of the 20th century.

Nowadays it’s very common to see facial recognition tech in a whole lot of gadgets such as cellphones and computers (used mostly for security reasons) and it’s safe to say that most people don’t see it as an “exciting” technology anymore.


When facial recognition is combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI), the potential applications for this technology grow exponentially, since they have proven an increase in productivity in different industries. Today we’re taking a look specifically at the dairy industry and how this technology can increase production through the recognition and tracing of cattle habits.

Facial Recognition Combined with AI, a Solution for your Farm

The combination of facial recognition and AI that providers such as Cainthus offer allows farmers to trace a cow habits individually through video data and has the ability to identify unique traits of each cow thanks to its pelt pattern and facial features.


The magic behind this kind of software starts with cameras installed in the barns, were it then collects and processes key animal and dairy farm performance indicators (KPIs), which in the case of Cainthus can be accessed from a smartphone, where you have at your disposal real time access and notifications of detailed analytics with information and specific actions you need to take to improve milk production and animal well-being, all thanks to facial recognition and AI.

Main Benefits of Facial Recognition for Farms

  • Higher efficiency on feeding. Both eating and water intake behaviors are monitored to ensure cows are being fed properly.
  • Improved animal well-being.  This technology also monitors other factors such as aggressiveness and irritability, which can be well managed thanks to constant monitoring.
  • Increased milk production. Comfort and nutrition efficiency improves not only the lives of your animals, but also increase milk production.
  • Higher profitability and efficiency enhancement. More milk means more money, and a higher control on your farm operation will also improve efficiency all around.


Technology like this is might sound very complicated or difficult to put in motion, but advancements like these are the future of the livestock industry. Don’t fall behind!


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