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Fall driving tips to stay safe during the season

fall driving tips

Fall is without a doubt one of the most beautiful seasons, with many unique traits that cannot be found in any other time of the year. Weather is one of these traits, but it can also be one of its biggest hazards when driving due to its unpredictability. Some of the main fall driving tips to take into account are really basic and some would say almost logical, but it doesn’t hurt to keep them in mind.

We picked 3 fall driving tips you shouldn’t take for granted to stay safe during the season:

3 fall driving tips to stay safe

Always beware of leaves on the road

Leaves can be a real hazard this season, especially when they accumulate on roadways and become wet. Leaves can become a extremely slippery surface and when the temperature drops below freezing they become really dangerous since they reduce tire traction on vehicles. Driving in this condition should be done with extreme caution, slowing down anytime leaves are on the way, leaving plenty of room to stop and avoiding parking over a pile of leaves to avoid the possibility of a fire hazard. Since leaves reduce visibility on the road as well, it’s best to circle around them when driving; you never know what’s actually below that innocent-looking pile!

Double check weather conditions before going out

In a lot of regions fall is a rainy and foggy season. It’s common knowledge that during these conditions you need to go an extra mile to keep you and others on the road safe. If visibility behind the wheel becomes difficult or if you live in an area where the unpredictable fall weather is frequent, take extreme precautions.

Keep your vehicle in good shape

Getting more potent headlights, keeping them cleaned and making sure they are aligned is basic for any vehicle in this season. Also replacing the windshield wiper blades is convenient, and of course keeping an emergency car safety kit in the vehicle. Cleanup and maintenance is a must so its best to do it when it’s necessary and not wait until the matter becomes corrective instead of preventive.

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