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Finding other uses for a horse trailer

horse trailer

We all know that the main use of a horse trailer is to transport horses. But does this mean that you can not use a horse trailer for other purposes? What happens if you want to haul more than horses in your horse trailer, is that possible? The answer is yes! Here are some examples of other uses you can give to  your horse trailer.

Getting creative with your horse trailer

Before continuing, it is very important to clarify that you should never load the trailer with more stuff if you are transporting horses, unless there is a special compartment for this purpose and you’re sure that everything will be properly secured. In addition, it is important to follow the limit weight guidelines so as not to damage your horse trailer by giving it more than it can handle.

Here are some other things that you could haul with your horse trailer, according to owners:

  • Camping. If you plan to go camping your horse trailer can be perfect to load all your equipment and hit the road.
  • Moving. If you’re moving houses, helping a friend move a piece of furniture, clothes or electronics… And even when you’re helping your kid move to college.
  • Tools, hay and other farm equipment.
  • Beach gear. Planning a day on the beach? Take your surfing gear with you in your horse trailer.
  • Storage. If you need extra space and you’re not using your horse trailer that often, why not use it for storage?
  • Small vehicles. Think things like motorcycles, golf carts and ATVs.
  • Miscellaneous. The truth is that horse trailers are just another type of box trailers, so they can be quite versatile when it comes to hauling stuff. Just don’t overload it and pay attention to proper load distribution!

How to know if your load is too heavy for your horse trailer? For starters, it’s useful to know the average weight of a horse and take it from there. Remember that even though horse trailers can be used for so much more than just hauling horses, they will still have their limitations and are different from regular hauling trailers, so if you think that you are overdoing it or if you are having any doubts, don ‘t do it. It could also be useful to contact your trailer manufacturer to clear your questions.

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