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Hauling cattle and other farm animals

hauling cattle

Today we’re going to review some tips for improving the welfare conditions of animals during transport in order to produce the least amount of stress, minimize the risks of injuries and keep them in a comfortable space. It’s important not only because it’s the humane thing to do, but also because doing so you can minimize risks of injury or death of cattle and you can also improve the quality of the meat by reducing the amount of stress hormones. Learn more about hauling cattle and other farm animals.

Tips for hauling cattle and other farm animals

Loading animals into a vehicle requires patience, time and the right equipment. Livestock trailers are designed in such a way that they can make it easier for animals to walk into them. In order to carry the loading and unloading process you need to do so carefully; take your time and never hurry or make to much noise, which could cause the opposite effect on the animals. Additional to a calm environment, hauling cattle and farm animals is easier when using a livestock trailer that is well lit rather than trying to direct a small army of animals into the dark.

Your livestock trailer conditions should be optimal, providing enough air flow, sun coverage, enough space for the animals to stand comfortably and a non-slippery or cushioned surface to prevent them from falling.

Once you’re on the road

Animals to get stressed when they’re on the move. How you transport them affects their health and, as mentioned before, the quality of your final product. If it’s the first time they will be transported, things can get a little more heated, so you should be extra careful, though they can get accustomed to being transported.

Travel time is also important and should be kept at a minimum whenever possible. You should also know that there’s a federal law that forbids animal transportation for more than 28 hours.

Hauling cattle and farm animals entails a huge responsibility; after all, you’re transporting a living being and should take adequate measures to ensure their safety and comfortability. This can be achieved with a mix of experienced manpower but also quality equipment. At GR Trailers we have a huge selection of livestock trailers to fulfill all your needs, visit our catalog or give us a call today to learn more!