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Horse Care During Winter Season

horse care

During winter horse care should be a priority for every owner since the animals sometimes have a hard time adjusting to season changes, and even more so when we’re talking about extreme temperatures.

Look out for better horse care, whether you do it yourself or have someone else do it, there are some key points to take into account to improve horse care during the season. Here are three:

Improve your horse care during winter doing these 3 things

Adjust the barn for winter conditions

Winter can be rough for horses when the barn they sleep in has not been equipped for the season, something every owner should make sure is done. Putting weather strips on doors and windows to stop currents of air and keeping an eye on the horse bed to stop it from becoming humid are the main things to do. Keeping a closed environment and a warm bed should ensure horses maintain their temperature and are strong to avoid diseases during the rough season.

Look out for healthy hair

Horses easily adapt to endure low temperatures, thanks mainly to a healthy weight and their hair, which is why it’s key to keep close attention to its condition. Horses usually prepare for the winter season by growing a layer of thicker and longer hair and doing our best to keep it in a healthy fashion is pretty easy, we just need to keep them warm (which can be done with special blankets made for horses) to prevent overgrowth.

Keep an eye on their diet

Weight loss in winter is seen as normal in horses since they consume more energy to maintain their temperature. Pay close attention to it to make sure it stays in a healthy range. Increasing caloric intake and having sources of fresh water readily available are two things to add to your horse care to do list. The simplest way to keep track of their weight is to feel the ribs of the horse, since serious changes can be detected easily.


Horse care is always important and during winter it becomes trickier, since our beloved animals need more attention and in some cases special measures need to be taken. The good part is that improving it isn’t difficult at all and these three simple steps should be able to get you started!

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