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Why You Should Include Molasses to Your Livestock Feed


Every farmer who works with livestock will know about the importance of carefully observing their cattle’s diet and how they react to it. This is essential in order to determine what kind of meal and/or supplement will provide the best results. There are many types of supplements and additives available in the market, but without first-hand experience, it can be daunting trying to figure out which one is best suited to your needs. Learn more about molasses today.

What is molasses?

Molasses, a dark, sticky sweetener byproduct of sugar production, has been used as a supplement to livestock meals with good results for being a quick energy and rich mineral source for cattle, horses and even sheep and goats.

Benefits of including molasses in livestock meals

Molasses is very sticky, which can help feed mixture be easier to eat for livestock. It also has a natural tendency of increasing your animal’s energy. Molasses can act as a catalyst for dairy cows to increase their milk production, and it can help strengthen the overall bone structure of livestock and weight gain for cattle, among other benefits.

Molasses usage is flexible, which means you don’t necessarily need to add it to a specific kind of feed mixture; both fresh and dry sources can be supplemented with molasses to boost up your livestock meals.

What type of molasses is best for livestock?

There are many types of molasses, some of which can also be used for a range of things and can even be suitable for human consumption. Although molasses is beneficial to your livestock,  in order to obtain the best results for livestock (and your pocket), your best option is to “fortify” molasses with additional proteins (such as urea and vegetable protein meals) that will ensure your feed mixture is balanced.

The inclusion of these additives into your regular feed mix will depend on the condition of your livestock, your facilities and budget. These are only a few variables that you will need to keep in mind for your strategy, so it’s important, as usual, to do your research before moving forward with your feeding plan. In the end, molasses can be an excellent addition to your livestock meals if used properly, as proven by numerous studies.

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