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5 types of insects that are beneficial for plants

insects that are beneficial

Insects are often seen as a threat to plants since many of them can cause damage, but there are other species that can actually be beneficial for crops. Today we are taking a look at five beneficial insects that are especially good for plants since they keep plagues at bay, contribute ecologically and collaborate in the pollination of flowers, among other things.


Although these insects are far from rare, people still don’t normally consider them as something they would want to keep around their crops.

5 insects that are beneficial for plants


Ladybugs, also known as lady beetles, help to get rid of crop-damaging aphids and destructive insect pests, since they feed on these insects.  They also lay their eggs among other preys so their larvae can feed on the insects.


Bumblebees are like regular bees, but they are bigger and have a hairy look. They are innocuous and almost never sting. Just like bees, they also pollinate the plants and feed on nectar and live in colonies located on soil, leaf litters or hollow logs.


Dragonflies are insect predators and feed on mosquitoes, gnats, flies, swarming ants, swarming termites, moths, and butterflies.  Dragonflies breed and live around freshwater habitats, and can be attracted by ponds or by having a water feature with some clear surface area.

Praying Mantis

The Praying Mantis is also known as the “destroyer of other insects”, since mantises eat an array of pest insects that include aphids, leafhoppers, mosquitoes, beetles, caterpillars, spiders, moths, and grasshoppers. The issue with mantises is that they do not distinguish between pest insects, neutral insects, and other beneficial insects and they will eat just about anything they can capture (even other mantises).

Tiger Beetles

Tiger beetles are a mostly beneficial insect and they eat pest like ants, caterpillars, flies, grasshopper nymphs and spiders. The only problem, like with mantises, is that sometimes they eat their own and other beneficial insects.

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