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Keep an eye on your utility vehicles with a GPS Tracker

gps tracker

Having control over the businesses resources is key to avoid any kind of problems, especially financial or personal. This is why practically any company that has a significant amount of vehicles, even utility ones, should consider keeping an eye on them via a gps tracker.

Although this kind of practice can detonate trust issues inside the business with the people that are being monitored, it is known to be mandatory by law to have a gps tracker installed in some industries (like freight services), and the whole point of it and what your personnel should understand is that a gps does not only give security to the vehicle’s owner, but it also presents a benefit for the operator or driver responsible for it in case a problem occurs.

Gps tracker, a tool that goes further than just security

But more than just for security reasons, a gps tracker can serve as a maintenance tool for the business since some providers have a user platform that extends its use far from only giving locations and route data. Providers like PosiTrace have a specialized platform that allow its users to not only use live tracking and special reports according to the needs of different industries (like oil & gas, construction, etc.), but also gives detailed information in matters that range from the tire wear of the vehicle, when you need to take it to be serviced, and a lot of other cool and useful features that will impact the bottomline of vehicle maintenance for businesses.


Another advantage to take into account is the ease of installation this kind of device requires, because in some cases it’s as easy as sticking an encased gps with a magnet on it (no batteries needed!) to start working. This sounds like a perfect add on to your fleet of flatbed trailers, utility trailers or any cargo trailers currently being used on your farm and ranch business.

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