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Make your cows happier and produce better dairy products

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Happiness isn’t just a state of mind as we often believe but more of a state of well being. We may know that someone who has it all but just can’t find a way to be happy… But luckily the same rules don’t apply to domestic animals like cows, the ones responsible for providing our beloved dairy products.


Since cattle has been domesticated mostly for food production reasons, it seems a bit obvious that we should strive to keep them happy. This because according to some studies, the happier the cow, the better milk it produces, and the better dairy products we get as a result.


That’s a pretty nice point to make in favor of treating cattle nicely and keeping them happy,   which can be done by following these tips below.

Keep your cows happy and get better dairy products: 3 steps to achieve it

Give your cows plenty of space to roam

Overcrowding cows in small spaces is one of the most common practices in the dairy industry, but that doesn’t mean it should be the way to go. If you give your cows a nice space to go around, believe it, it will make them happier. Additionally, people are willing to pay more for milk that comes from cows that are reared outside. In the UK this has worked under a logo called “Pasture Promise”, which indicates that the milk you buy comes from cows grazed for at least six months on the outside. An interesting move that promotes conscientization and happier cows. Surely something like this could be implemented on this side of the pond?

Keep a close eye on sanitation and go above the norm

Giving cows a treatment that goes beyond the most basic stuff to keep sanitation in line is another way to keep cattle comfortable and happy. This can go from using top line equipment for hygiene, avoiding the use of hormones to increase production, or even the use of robots to milk the cows. All of these things are doable but sadly are not the norm.

Treat them as friends

Giving cows a name can help them produce more milk, according to some studies. There are many small things we can do to treat animals with love and respect. This shouldn’t sound crazy at all; learning to appreciate these creatures who give so much to us should be something everyone should embrace, and nothing to feel embarrassed about.


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