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The next generation in agriculture


Behavioral differences between generations are a reality in many areas, and the future landscape of agriculture is not the exception. Here you can read more about some of the expectations Gen Z has about the future of agriculture.

The future of agriculture: farmers of tomorrow

According to a study conducted a few months ago by the firm Osborn Barr, there are four main factors that will be responsible for molding the agriculture industry while the next generation of farmers prepares to either take the reins or go in a different direction, bringing with it many opportunities and challenges:

Farm succession expectations are not the same

The study finds discrepancies between expectations from older farmers and their children. While approximately 54% of the 18-22 year olds surveyed indicate a desire to take over the family business, the rest is keeping their options open whether by considering other fields or by obtaining a degree related to agriculture, which could allow them to remain involved in the agriculture world while at the same time being a little more financially secure.

Technology is key

This should not take anyone by surprise, as it is well known that younger generations are more likely to adopt new technologies with ease and to keep an open mind about technological advances and the possibilities they can bring. Gen Z have lived all their lives surrounded by technology, so it makes sense that they seek to incorporate this factor as much as possible in their field of work, be it in agriculture or a different one. According to the study, Gen Z has a positive view about herbicides, insecticides, GMOs and other bio-agricultural advancements, more so than their older counterpart.

Brand names are second to trusted recommendations

The power of a brand relies on its ability to deliver great results and a smooth experience. Creating a connection with the audience may be now more important than just relying on the brand’s intrinsic value. This doesn’t mean that Gen Z would want to distance themselves or stop supporting renowned brands, but there’s an indication that recommendations that come from people they know have way more value. This generation is also more open to marketing messages, especially through digital channels instead of more traditional ones, such as radio and TV.

Government involvement is seen in a positive light

Seems like Gen Z have sufficient understanding of the issues that revolve around government and agriculture, in addition to having a deeper commitment to participate and be agents of change. While the older generations have their reservations in terms of government participation in these matters, Gen Z has a little more confidence in the institutions and what they can achieve for the advancement of the agricultural industry.

It is always interesting to take a look at how the younger generations perceive the world, because at the end of the day that’s how we can learn more and detect the trends that will begin to shape the future not only for the agricultural industry but for the rest of the future landscape. If we are committed to building a better future and the continuous improvement of our industry, it’s time to listen and be prepared to take action.


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