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Obvious (and Not So Obvious) Benefits of Horse Riding

horse riding

Horse riding is a millenary activity that is so deeply rooted into our culture that, despite changes throughout history, remains a common practice in a lot of fields, ranging from its more basic function that is transportation to professional sports, and of course, recreation.

Horse riding has survived the technological advances that relegated its function as a way of transport, the constant innovations in entertainment and the much wider reach of other sports and professional competitions that can make it seem like an activity not worth pursuing. Part of the appeal of horse riding is due thanks to its unique advantages and benefits.

3 major benefits of horse riding

As you can imagine, some of the more obvious benefits of an intense activity like horse riding are burning calories, in addition to improvements in balance and coordination that result from it. But there are some other major benefits that you can also get from horse riding. Here are three:

Mental wellness

One of the many attributes that horses possess is that they are able to react to human emotions and have stress relieving qualities. Greeks were among the first to recognize the therapeutic value of horses, and nowadays horse riding along with equine therapy has been used to treat conditions such as depression and other mental disabilities. Although it is not widely recognized as a verifiable treatment, it’s accepted that it can help reduce stress levels and improve mental health.

Improved flexibility

As easy as it can seem on movies or television, horse riding can be pretty difficult for those not familiar with the activity, even for those in great physical shape. As with many other sports and physical activities, practice is all it takes to master it and improve your technique, which in turn will also improve your flexibility.

Increased core strength

People often see horse riding just as a leisure activity,  but it’s also a form of isometric exercise that is able to strengthen the body’s core. Keeping a good balance when riding a horse can seem natural at first glance, but a lot of muscles are actually involved; that’s why horses are often used by people who are recovering from injuries or with disabilities.


There’s no doubt that horses are wonderful creatures. If you’re lucky enough to be able to enjoy their company we’re sure you’ll know even more benefits that come from hanging out with them!


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