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Read this if you’re considering buying a bumper


Bumpers are a great way to add functionality and looks to your truck while providing an extra layer of security.

Should I buy a bumper for my truck?

At GR Trailers, we offer a wide selection of rear and front bumpers designed to fit GMC, Dodge, Ford and Chevy trucks. We believe that this addition can potentially save lives and increase your truck’s utility under certain circumstances.

More than just looks

Custom, heavy duty bumpers don’t exist only to make your truck look cool, although they certainly won’t make it look boring. They provide additional protection against fender benders, collisions, hits while parking… You name it. If you’re ever in an accident, having a bumper could be the difference between a totaled car and being able to drive home after, and could also end up saving a life.


There are certain situations where having one equipped could prove useful. Bumpers make sense especially for utility vehicles. If you own a farm or ranch, chances are you need a vehicle that is going to be up to the demands of your day to day operations.


Equipment such as bumpers need to be thoroughly considered before purchasing in order to make sure that they fit your needs and the specifics of your vehicle. You can’t say that you’ll be 100% protected from accidents if you equip your truck with front and rear bumpers, but there are quite a few benefits to be had:


  1. Bumpers can extend the lifespan of your vehicle, protecting it from scratches and
  2. Better impact absorption in collisions.
  3. Although they represent an upfront investment, you could end up saving more down the road from body repairs.
  4. Customization. Having the opportunity to choose from an extensive range of models, sizes and materials gives you the chance to customize your truck the way you want it.


At the end of the day, the question of whether you need a bumper is one that only you will be able to answer, depending on your personal situation. If you’ve made the decision, visit us at GR Trailers today and let us help you give your vehicle a shiny new look!