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Regenerative Agriculture

regenerative agriculture

Are you familiar with the term “regenerative agriculture”? If not, keep reading to learn more about this approach that wants to instill new principles for farmers and teach new ways to do things.

What is Regenerative Agriculture about?

The key lies in a change in the current perception of nature by recognizing our planet as an organic, independent entity, one which we should try to work with, not against, and to find new paths to align with it and produce mutual benefits.

Regenerative agriculture is about restoring soil health, making it retain more water and nutrients and benefiting the communities that depend on agriculture by letting them intervene with appropriate practices, machinery and technology to take full advantage of what it has to offer, but without causing irreversible damage.

By intrinsically changing the way the system works, that is, the way of thinking and doing things and letting nature heal itself, regenerative agriculture wants to become a vehicle for change and a solution to many of the problems faced today such as droughts, soil infertility,  and climate change, to mention a few.

Regenerative Agriculture’s Four Principles

Regenerative Agriculture practices are based on four key principles, as explained on Terra Genesis’ website:

  1. Progressively improve whole agroecosystems, including soil, water and biodiversity.
  2. Respecting the differences between farms and creating solutions that make sense in their context.
  3. Embrace just and reciprocal relationships among stakeholders; no one is more important, no one is taken advantage of.
  4. Continually grow and evolve individuals, farms and communities to develop their potential.

The bottomline is that by applying regenerative agriculture we are not only reducing variable costs and increasing farm productivity and results, creating more jobs and wealth, but also helping our planet find its balance instead of mindlessly exploiting it. By strengthening the ties between those communities that work the land and live off it, this philosophy invites us to embrace new and better ways to do things.

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