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What’s better, remodeling a barn or starting over from scratch?

remodeling a barn

Are you wondering if you should commit to remodeling your farm’s old barn, or if you’re better off building a new one? The answer depends on a series of factors such as location, size, and the barn’s purpose. When you tear down old buildings you have a clean slate and and opportunity to carefully budget and plan, while remodeling could limit your options or even end up making you spend more, depending on the current conditions. Still, there’s no definitive answer. Instead, considering the following variables when making  the call between remodeling a barn or building a new one.

4 things to keep in mind when deciding between remodeling a barn or building new

Costs and time are everything

The amount of money you will end up spending primarily depends on the current condition of the barn or any other farm building. If your restoration estimate dangerously approaches 50% (or if it goes beyond that) of the costs involved in building a new one, or if the timeframe extends for a period that could end up affecting your farm operation negatively (which could make you lose more money down the road), you might be better off starting construction from scratch.

What is going to be its purpose?

Planning is always critical, not only in terms of money, but also to help you determine the purpose of the barn and create a favorable space for your animals or for storage. In the end, you should strive to provide a safe and clean space where your livestock can be comfortable, have easy access to water, food and fresh air, and correct light conditions for inspecting and animal care tasks.

On the other hand, if you’re planning on using the space for storage, you should also make sure to have a plan in hand that helps you maximize the space and be accessible in order for the operation to run smoothly.

Location matters

Another factor that plays an important role is the location of your barn. If your farm has expanded or changed in any way, maybe the current location is not the ideal one. Furthermore, other things such as building in a high humidity area could potentially have an impact in either the livestock or the produce. Carefully plan key areas taking into account vehicle, people and animal traffic; will you be moving produce or equipment over a distance that can be improved? If the current location of your barn is no longer optimal, you might be better off starting fresh.

Will it need proper ventilation?

Especially if your barn will be for livestock or horses, a proper ventilation system is needed to uniformly distribute fresh air around the area and promote a comfortable and safe environment for them. When deciding between remodeling a barn of building a new one consider the current height; high ceilings allow for better natural ventilation, while low ceilings might call for more equipped systems.

As you might see , there are many factors that take part in the equation when making the decision between remodeling a barn or having a new one built. We’ve only mentioned a few, but if you’re facing a decision of this nature, consider your particular situation and make sure to get an accurate budget estimation and a clear picture of your farm’s operation.

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