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Retirement for farmers: what’s the best course of action?

retirement for farmers

Retirement can be a big challenge for many Americans. But on top of the regular obstacles, those in agriculture don’t only have to worry about how retirement is going to affect them individually, but also have to think about the finances of their business, the wellbeing of their employees, and the future of their state. Accustomed to an active lifestyle, retirement for farmers is not always something to look forward to either.

Nevertheless, retirement is not mean to be a complete burden and it’s actually a very important matter that you need to consider and plan for.

Retirement for farmers: things to take care of

Financial planning

Simply put, retirement is expensive. That’s why you need to have a sizeable amount of savings for this purpose, but if your circumstances regarding your savings aren’t ideal, you need to plan beforehand where your funds will come from. This can be arranged by selling your farm assets like equipment or land or even taking cash out from the farm operation. The important thing when it comes to retirement for farmers is to plan these things in advance since they will undoubtedly affect your farm’s operation in some way, and the goal is to keep yourself and your business afloat without any major complications.


There isn’t a magic formula on how to plan for your retirement because every situation is unique and a different approach might be needed for each case. That being said, you have to be proactive when it comes to planning so you can be prepared to make decisions. Being prepared in advance is the responsible thing to do for both your well being and your farm’s.


Exit strategy

Although many farmers live for their jobs and don’t plan to retire at all, thinking that you will be able to sustain your job schedule forever is not realistic. The good news is that for those who wish to continue being involved, retirement for farmers doesn’t have to mean forgetting about a business you’ve invested your sweat and tears on for many years. Choosing an advisory role could let you still have a seat at the table without having to worry about the day to day operations if that’s something you’re interested in. On the other hand, designating a successor can be a more attractive option for those who want to enjoy their retirement and letting another person take care of things. If you have children, talking to them in advance about what their professional goals are can help you map a strategy for this.


Whether you are all set with your savings, are planning on selling a part of your business to fund your retirement, want to continue being involved in your farm business in a lesser capacity or wish to let someone else be in charge, the common denominator for all these decisions is the same: when it comes to retirement for farmers (or anyone else, really) the key is to plan in advance. Don’t wait until it’s too late to make the important decisions! Taking the time to craft your retirement strategy will save you a lot of headaches.


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