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4 basic stable maintenance tips

stable maintenance

A stable is a crucial part of the life of many horses. This is essentially their home, a place where they rest, sleep and relieve themselves. As such, just as any other house a stable requires particular maintenance to keep it clean, comfortable and safe for your horses and to keep potential diseases away. In this blog post you will find four stable maintenance tips that are essential to keep the area in optimal state and your horses happy and safe.

4 basic stable maintenance and management tips

Cleaning arrangements

In order to build a proper cleaning routine there are certain things to keep in mind. First, the barn should be evacuated of all horses during cleaning sessions, which should be performed weekly. You should be wearing appropriate clothes and have all required tools at your disposal for the task. Besides the weekly maintenance, there are cleaning arrangements that should be performed daily to provide adequate conditions for your horses.

It could be handy to have a list of tasks for each specific cleaning session (daily vs weekly) and have it handy to make sure everything has been covered. Keep in mind that the more time you leave between stable cleans, besides being potentially harmful for the animals, will make it harder and add more tasks when you actually get to clean.

Adequate bedding and floor

There are different options when it comes to bedding for stables. From straw, wood shavings, sawdust, pellets, paper and hemp, to mention a few, each of them have their own benefits and drawbacks, depending on your particular situation. As mentioned before, bedding needs to be kept clean and dry, and changed often.

Another piece of equipment that could be a great addition for your stable are stall mats. These could help in leveling floors and make it more comfortable for horses when standing, as well as reducing the amount of material needed for bedding.

Horse feeders and water tanks

Besides regular cleaning (to remove old food traces, which could begin decomposing), horse feeders also need to be installed at a proper level in order to avoid food to be dropped. Even with proper cleaning, stable floors can harbor many types of bacteria that could get into the food and make your horses sick. Water is the most important thing in a horse’s diet (they drink an estimate of 5-15 gallons per day), so water sources need to be refilled with clean water periodically.

Keeping your equipment in check

As in every other aspect of farm and ranch management, organization and efficiency play a vital role, and when it comes to stable maintenance good practices this is no different. This is why it’s advisable to keep every piece of equipment related to stable maintenance in an accessible, organized and clean area. This will help optimize the process and make daily and weekly cleaning and maintenance tasks less of a burden. Remember, even the smallest things can have a bigger effect in the overall picture!

As you might be more than aware of, having horses (or any type of livestock) under your responsibility is a huge task; ensuring that your facilities are in optimal state and providing a dignified living space is not only for their benefit, but for the efficiency and efficacy of your business.

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