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Stock Trailer or Horse Trailer, Which One is Right for You?

stock trailer

For a lot of farmers, horses are the most special animal they own and they tend to care greatly for them, so much that generally they have some kind of horse trailer to transport them comfortably and securely when they need to hit the road.

But in some cases, (especially those when there’s a limited budget to keep in mind), considering other options is necessary. Although there is a wide variety of horse trailers to choose from, at the end of the day they’re made especially for horses and are not recommended to be used for other tasks around the farm which could make them impractical and costly in certain scenarios (even more if your horses don’t travel that often).

3 signals you need a stock trailer instead of a horse trailer


A stock trailer is very practical as it can be used to transport various kinds of livestock such as cattle, sheep, goats or even pigs (that is, depending on the characteristics of the trailer).  You don’t need to purchase multiple trailers if you deal with a variety of animals on a daily basis.


Horse trailers often present problems on the ventilation department, especially when there are dividers between the horse compartments since they take up a lot of space. Thanks to the open nature of stock trailers this isn’t an issue.


There’s a lot of space in a stock trailer, which gives farmers different options to personalize it and have more hauling options for each occasion. Generally, stock trailers are designed to haul open or with a few dividers, and can be set in different settings to adjust to the kind of cargo or livestock in question.

Make sure to really consider your needs before buying a trailer. While horse trailers are a convenient investment, maybe a stock trailer can do a similar job and be useful for more tasks around the farm. That being said, if you do need to transport your horses safely and comfortably on a regular basis, don’t try to substitute a horse trailer for a common stock trailer!

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