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How to store a utility trailer

how to store a utility trailer

A utility trailer is a significant investment of money, so providing adequate maintenance is essential to ensure that it will be kept in good condition for many years. a very important factor is where and how to store a utility trailer, especially if it is not a tool that you won’t use absolutely every day.

How to store a utility trailer

Leaving a utility trailer exposed to weather or unattended for long periods of time could accelerate its natural wear process, resulting in potentially considerable repair or even replacement costs. Here are a few best practices that will help you store a utility trailer:

  1. If you are going to store your utility trailer for a considerable period of time it is convenient to give it a good cleaning as a first step.
  2. It is recommended to lubricate moving parts to keep them in good condition.
  3. If a considerable amount of time has passed without using it, it is recommended to move the tires periodically (for example, once a month) to ensure that all areas are lubricated.
  4. Avoid suspending or supporting your utility trailer on any part of its axles.
  5. Although it is not advisable to keep a utility trailer suspended or supported on its sides, depending on its dimensions and characteristics and if you have little storage space this could be an option, as long as you make sure that it is fastened correctly. Keep in mind that there are trailers that will be too heavy to be safely stored this way.
  6. Regardless of whether the trailer will be parked outside or inside a garage or something similar, a trailer cover is an excellent option to provide an extra layer of protection against the weather, but also against animals and insects

Storing your equipment during off season does not have to be a complicated process. A good quality utility trailer should be built to last; nevertheless, you should follow these best practices and rely on your experience and common sense to ensure that your equipment will be kept in great shape.

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