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Towing with a hybrid or electric car

towing with a hybrid

Hybrids (those which are powered by both fossil-fuel engines and an electric motor) and electric cars have become more and more popular in the past few years, due to the significant potential savings in gas expenses and also because they are more environmentally friendly. In the past, many of these hybrids and electric cars were not certified for towing, but this is changing with multiple models being tested and approved for these practices. Here are few reasons to consider towing with a hybrid or electric car.

Towing with a hybrid or electric car

They deliver excellent fuel economy and are environmentally friendly

As mentioned before, hybrids and electric cars make for an excellent option if you want to save on gas. These cars come with special “regenerative” braking systems, which generate energy that in turn gets transferred back to the engine battery. The amount of money that you could save down the road is a very important consideration and probably one of the most enticing aspects when considering purchasing one of these cars; by combining gasoline engines with electric motors, hybrid cars deliver dramatically higher fuel efficiency than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.


These types of cars run cleaner by producing less CO2 emissions and have better gas mileage, which makes them also a great option for those who are committed to help the environment.

No more power shortages

Several plug-in hybrids are now capable of towing, and the best of them do so without any problems. As an example, the Toyota Highlander boasts a towing capacity of 3,500 pounds. Hybrids enable you to have a combination of the performance of a larger conventional engine with the economy and low emissions of a smaller one. There are also more expensive and exclusive options such as Tesla’s Model X, S and 3, which can’t necessarily be categorized as utility vehicles but are nevertheless great examples of what we could expect for electric cars in the near future.


Many of the popular car automakers boast at least one hybrid or electric model in their lineups. As technology in cars advances, so do the capabilities of these types of cars. It’s true that they are more limited in what they can accomplish when it comes to towing, and they certainly won’t be a feasible option for everyone. Still, it’s good to note that it is possible to use these cars for utility purposes, as long as you are aware of all limitations and restrictions.


For many, towing with a hybrid or electric car will not be a better option than using gasoline or diesel powered vehicles, but if you do own one or are planning on purchasing one, just know that you now have more options, which is always a good thing, right?

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