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Are trailer covers worth it?

trailer covers

Trailer covers are often used to provide additional protection to your equipment, specially while traveling long distances or working in hard conditions. Another plus is that these can not only be used to protect the trailer itself but the load as well, from situations ranging from inclement weather and also making it more difficult for thieves to steal any cargo. A third reason to consider trailer covers is security of third parties. Keeping the load safely in the trailer can prevent potentially dangerous situations an accidents due to detachment.

Benefits of using the right trailer covers

Additional Protection

Trailer covers are often made with a strong fabric and PVC, in order to make it as insulating as possible against rain or snow. Nowadays, most of them are sewn with industrial machines that also help their integrity as much as possible. In addition, they are usually attached to the structure with straps and hooks that can be easily installed.

Coverage against UV Damage

Excessive sun can make your equipment vulnerable to UV damage. Every minute your trailer spends outside, the sun is doing its job by fading the colors, drying and cracking the paint. Even though you can get special paint that increases protection against this type of damage to your trailer, further coverage will bring you no harm.

Trailer covers made with materials such as polyester or polypropylene are recommended to help block UV rays. Some covers are also specifically made to provide extra UV protection and  have additional features to do so.


Simple tarps or any other storage options can keep the water out for the most part, but moisture will still get in and will stay there when the weather heats up. If condensation collects below the cover and has no way out to escape, moisture could  potentially turn into mold or mildew. On the other side, in more extreme temperatures it can lead to freezing and cracking around the roof. That’s why you should consider getting a breathable trailer cover with built-in vents that can keep most water out but release any moisture that manages to get in.

It’s true that some types of trailers will be more fitted to using covers than others. That being said, if you’re looking for a trailer cover purely for maintenance reasons there are still many benefits of using trailer covers. As we’ve mentioned before, it’s all about keeping your investment safe and in the best possible condition, protecting it from the sun, weather or an incident.

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