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Trailer Suspension Systems Comparison

trailer suspension systems

There are two common types trailer suspension systems. In on side we have leaf spring axle, which are the popular “cheap” option, and on the other side we have the torsion axle which are considered to be more of a “pro” option. The leaf spring vs. torsion comparison and debate is well alive among those looking to purchase a new trailer, but which one is best for you? To help you decide we have prepared an overview of both types.


Leaf Spring Axle Suspension System

As mentioned before, this is the most common option and most trailers come equipped with a suspension of this type. The reason why is because they tend to be cheaper and easier to maintain (although they do need more maintenance than torsion axle because they wear out faster). They have flat, curved “leaves” that stack on top of each other and then can be mounted either on top or below the axle and come in single and tandem configurations.

Now, to summarize let’s have a look at the pros and cons of leaf spring axles:



Easier to maintain

Wide availability in a number of configurations


Tend to make more noise

Wear out faster

Can feel bouncy on uneven roads

Torsion Axle Suspension System

Torsion axle systems are considered a little more refined option when it comes to trailer suspension systems. They work by employing rubber cords that are housed inside the axle. These are responsible of handling suspension and shock absorption. Since they are mounted directly to the trailer frame they can’t be replaced or repaired.

Now, to summarize let’s have a look at the pros and cons of torsion axles:


Provide a smoother, quieter ride

Adjustable ride height

Have less components


More expensive

If your torsion axle breaks you have to replace the whole suspension system


If you do a quick search online you will find that there are many people in support of each type of trailer suspension system but also many people who use trailers on a daily basis and don’t see much of a difference. In the end, it will depend of the type of cargo, frequency of use and the type of roads you’re planning on hitting with your trailer, but you don’t have to make a purchase decision based solely on the type of suspension system. At GR Trailers we believe that you should consult with an expert in order to determine what type of trailer is best for your needs, taking into account a series of factors instead of just individual features.


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