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Tandem Axle Gooseneck Stock Trailer 16,000 LB

Width: 7'
length: 20' to 28'
Capacity: 16,000 LB

Side options

52” high
52” high
46 ½ with 2 ½ gap
46 ½ with 2 ½ gap
Tubing 1” x 2”
Tubing 1” x 2”

Rear gate options

Full Swing One Piece
Full Swing One Piece
Full Swing w/Slider
Full Swing w/Slider

Available colors


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G.V.W.R: 16,000 lbs
G.A.W.R.: 8,000 lbs
Coupler: 2-5/16" Gooseneck Coupler (25,000 lb)
Safety Chains: 3/8" Grd. 70 with safety Latch Hook (2 each)
Jack: 2) 10,000 lb Drop Leg Jack
Top: Bar top, Aero nose with tarp roof, Aero nose with full metal roof, Aero nose with partial metal roof
Division Gate: 1 Solid Gate 20 ́ to 22 ́ Trailer / 2 Solid Gates 24 ́ to 28 ́ Trailers
Rear Gate: Full Swing with Half Slider
Escape Door: 36" Side Door (Left Side)
Frame: 11 Ga. Sheet Metal with Angle Iron Reinforcement
Crossmembers: 2"x3" Tubing&AngleIron3/16"x2"x2"
Neck: 8" Channel Riser & Neck
Sides: 6” Metal slats, 52” Closed sides, 46.5” Close sides with 2.5” gap, 1” x 2” tubing sides, Cowboy sides
Axles: Two 8,000 lb Cambered Axles with elec. Brakes ( Dexter Axles)
Suspension: Torsion
Tire: 17-1/2" (Spare Tire &Wheel Included)
Wheel: 17-1/2" 8 Bolt
Floor: 2" Treated Pine Lumber Deck
Lights: D.O.T. Stop, Tail, Turn and Clearance (LED)
Elec. Plug: 7-Way RV
Finish (Prep.): Mechanical and/or Chemical Pre-treatment for maximum Paint Adhesion & 1 Coat of Primer
Finish: Painted with two Coats Automotive Quality Acrylic Enamel
Difference Between Torsion Axle to Drop Spring Axle
Dexter Axle
Electric Over Hydraulic Brakes
2 Speed Jack
2 Hydraulic Jacks
Sides With 1" x 2" Tubing Instead of Metal Slats
High Sides in Front and the back 8' with 20" sides and 1" x 2" Tubing (cowboy sides)
46" Solid Sides With 2-1/2" Gap Above the Fender
52" Solid Sides
23" & 73" Slant Tack Room in Front of Trailer (incluides a 3 Tier Swing out Saddle Rack)
4' Straight tack room in Front of Trailer (incluides a 3 Tier Swing out Saddle Rack)
Each Additional Saddle Rack
3 Tier Saddle Rack On Tack Room Door Instead a Swing out Saddle Rack
If a Tack Room Option Is Added the Price Incluides the Standard Cut Gates
Sliding Window in a Tack Room Door
Wood Floor With Back 6' Cleated Rubber Floor
Cleated Rubber Floor or Smooth Rubber Floor
Rubber Mats On Top Of Wood Floor (A Trailer With Rubber Floor and Tack Room has Rubber Mats in the Tack Room)
Spray-in Liner (minimun 12") includes runners and crossmembers on top and bottom
2 Square Vents Under the Gooseneck
7' Tall
Tire Ugrade
STH7020W16LNR 7' x 20' Gooseneck Tandem Axle Trailer
STH7022W16LNR 7' x 22' Gooseneck Tandem Axle Trailer
STH7024W16LNR 7' x 24' Gooseneck Tandem Axle Trailer
STH7026W16LNR 7' x 26' Gooseneck Tandem Axle Trailer
STH7028W16LNR 7' x 28' Gooseneck Tandem Axle Trailer