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Tri Axle Gooseneck Stock Trailer 24,000 LB

Width: 7'
length: 24' to 44'
Capacity: 24,000 LB

Side options

52” high
52” high
46 ½ with 2 ½ gap
46 ½ with 2 ½ gap
Tubing 1” x 2”
Tubing 1” x 2”

Rear gate options

Full Swing One Piece
Full Swing One Piece
Full Swing w/Slider
Full Swing w/Slider

Available colors


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G.V.W.R: 24,000 lbs
G.A.W.R.: 8,000 lbs
Coupler: 2-5/16" Gooseneck Coupler (25,000 lb)
Safety Chains: 3/8" Grd. 70 with safety Latch Hook (2 each)
Jack: 2) 10,000 lb Drop Leg Jack
Top: Bar top, Aero nose with tarp roof, Aero nose with full metal roof, Aero nose with partial metal roof
Division Gate: 2 Solid Gates on 24 ́ Trailers / 3 Solid Gates 28 ́ to 36 ́ Trailer / 4 Solid Gates on 40' to 44 ́ Trailers
Rear Gate: Full Swing with Half Slider
Escape Door: 36" Side Door (Left Side)
Frame: 11 Ga. Sheet Metal with Angle Iron Reinforcement
Crossmembers: 2"x3" Tubing&AngleIron3/16"x2"x2"
Neck: 8" Channel Riser & Neck
Sides: 6” Metal slats, 52” Closed sides, 46.5” Close sides with 2.5” gap, 1” x 2” tubing sides, Cowboy sides
Axles: Three 8,000 lb Cambered Axles with elec. Brakes (Dexter Axles)
Suspension: Torsion
Tire: 17-1/2" (Spare Tire &Wheel Included)
Wheel: 17-1/2" 8 Bolt
Floor: 2" Treated Pine Lumber Deck
Lights: D.O.T. Stop, Tail, Turn and Clearance (LED)
Elec. Plug: 7-Way RV
Finish (Prep.): Mechanical and/or Chemical Pre-treatment for maximum Paint Adhesion & 1 Coat of Primer
Finish: Painted with two Coats Automotive Quality Acrylic Enamel
Electric Over Hydraulic Brakes
Electric Over Hydraulic Brakes (for three 10,000 lb. axles)
Upgrade to three 10,000 lb. Axles
2 Speed Jack
2 Hydraulic Jacks
Sides With 1" x 2" Tubing Instead of Metal Slats
High Sides in Front and the back 8' with 20" sides and 1" x 2" Tubing (cowboy sides)
46" Solid Sides With 2-1/2" Gap Above the Fender
52" Solid Sides
23" & 73" Slant Tack Room in Front of Trailer (includes a 3 Tier Swing out Saddle Rack)
4' Straight tack room in Front of Trailer (includes a 3 Tier Swing out Saddle Rack)
3 Tier Saddle Rack On Tack Room Door Instead a Swing out Saddle Rack
Sliding Window in a Tack Room Door
Wood Floor With Back 6' Cleated Rubber Floor
Cleated Rubber Floor
Smooth Rubber Floor
Rubber Mats On Top Of Wood Floor
A Trailer With Rubber Floor and Tack Room has Rubber Mats in the Tack Room
Spray-in Liner (minimun 12") includes runners and crossmembers on top and bottom
2 Square Vents Under the Gooseneck
7' Tall