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Winter Tires: Are They for Me?

winter tires

Winter is around the corner, so if you live in an area that’s heavily impacted by it (think tons of snow and icy roads) you should be prepared to overcome the weather and equip your utility trailers and vehicles (and even your main car or truck) accordingly. Winter tires are a category that’s on the rise and today we’re going to discuss some of their advantages for those who drive in cold weather conditions.

Winter tires: an overview

According to tire manufacturers, one of their top questions during the purchasing process is about the difference between winter tires and all-season tires. It’s important to learn about the characteristics of winter tires in order to make the right choice and keep the roads safer in cold climates.

Tires designed for winter conditions are optimized for temperatures below 45 °F. Their thread design is modified so it allows snow to penetrate into the thread, get compacted and provide additional resistance against slippage.

Winter tires: features and benefits

  • Improved grip when braking on snow or ice covered surfaces
  • Although they’re designed for better performance in conditions such as snow, ice roads, icy rain and wet roads in low temperatures, they work great too on dry roads.
  • As mentioned above, winter tires are equipped with a different thread design and enhanced rubber compounds that work together to provide more control of your vehicle.
  • Their superior traction (25-50% more than all season tires) can make all the difference when in situations where you need to stop in time or make a sudden turn.
  • Higher confidence and control levels when driving under extreme winter conditions

It’s important to note that winter is not only comprised by the harshest conditions, such as snow storms and gloomy days, but also by seemingly calm and sunny days (but still with freezing temperatures). Depending on your circumstances it might be a wiser and more convenient decision to invest in a set of winter tires for your safety, instead of regular tires or even snow chains. If you live or drive around areas with such characteristics, we recommend you take the time to research your options with a tire manufacturer.

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